About Chemical Engineering at U of T

U of T regularly ranks as the best university in Canada to study chemical engineering and offers one of the top programs in the world. In your upper years, you'll have a chance to participate in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering's Minors and Certificates, and explore the Department's eight research clusters: Biomolecular & Biomedical Engineering; Bioprocess Engineering; Chemical & Material Process Engineering; Environmental Science & Engineering; Informatics; Pulp & Paper; Surface & Interface Engineering; and Sustainable Energy.

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ChemE prof critiques Fraser Institute report on Ontario’s coal phase-out - Policy makers should be wary of a new Fraser Institute report released Tuesday that concludes the phase-out of coal in Ontario did little to reduce air pollution, the director of the University of Toronto’s air quality research centre warned. “I find the report rather disappointing,” said Prof. Greg Evans, the director of the Southern Ontario... Read more »
Meet the ChemE alum who invented the modern-day battery - In 1959, the late Lewis Urry (5T0) invented the zinc manganese dioxide alkaline battery. It remains one of the most significant advancements in the battery’s history. Mr. Urry, who worked for Toronto-based Canadian National Carbon Co. at the time, was tasked with discovering a way to extend the life span of the commonly used zinc-carbon... Read more »
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