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U of T regularly ranks as the best university in Canada to study chemical engineering and offers one of the top programs in the world. In your upper years, you'll have a chance to participate in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering's Minors and Certificates, and explore the Department's eight research clusters: Biomolecular & Biomedical Engineering; Bioprocess Engineering; Chemical & Material Process Engineering; Environmental Science & Engineering; Informatics; Pulp & Paper; Surface & Interface Engineering; and Sustainable Energy.

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Simple attraction: U of T Engineering researchers control protein release from nanoparticles without encapsulation - A U of T Engineering team has designed a simpler way to keep therapeutic proteins where they are needed for long periods of time. The discovery is a potential game-changer for the treatment of chronic illnesses or injuries that often require multiple injections or daily pills. For decades, biomedical engineers have been painstakingly encapsulating proteins... Read more »
OCCAM’s Official Grand Opening draws in crowd - On Thursday, May 12, over 200 people across 58 organizations spanning academia, industry and government attended the Ontario Centre for the Characterisation of Advanced Materials (OCCAM) Official Grand Opening in the Wallberg Building. OCCAM contains leading-edge equipment for imaging, analyzing and manipulating materials with nanometre-scale precision. These insights will help researchers understand the natural world... Read more »
U of T joins with European, Asian universities to tackle urban issues - Urban issues were the main topic of discussion as U of T President Meric Gertler met with Utrecht University President Marjan Oudeman and Chinese University of Hong Kong President Joseph Sung in in Utrecht, Holland recently. One of the highlights of the conference was the signing of a five-year collaboration on global public health by... Read more »
Engineering leadership celebrated at ILead luncheon - Corporate partners, alumni, faculty, and students gathered on Friday, April 15, at Massey College for a luncheon to celebrate the success of the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead). The first institute of its kind in Canada, ILead offers courses, and co-curricular programs to help students excel in the work force. Students develop skills... Read more »
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